Editing Images

Websaint allows end-users to modify both regular (inline) images and CSS background images.

To edit a regular image, the end-user needs to hover the mouse cursor over the image he or she wants to edit, wait for the outline and edit icon to appear and then click the edit icon. This will trigger the style editor panel to open at the right of the screen. Within the style editor, click the tab labeled “Image” followed by the button labeled “Open Image Library”. This will open the image library where the end-user can upload new images or edit the selected image (assuming the image belongs to the end-user and is not a shared image).

As off version 1.0.4 the image library now allows end-users to crop and/or resize images.

Additionally, the end-user can set the title and alt attributes for the selected image by click the link labeled “Toggle advanced options”.

To edit a CSS background image, the end-user will need to click on the element of which he or she wants to change the background image. If a background image can be set for this element (please note this depends on how Bloxby has been configured), a style property labeled “background-image” will be available under the “Style” tab. Clicking within the corresponding input field will open up the image library modal in which the end-user can select an image.